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Paid Shipping vs Free

shipping paid vs free

We all love free shipping. We all love anything that has the word free in it...

But... is it really free?

Spoiler alert!!!


There is no such thing as free shipping!!!*****
The shipping cost will always be paid by you- the buyer, sometimes as a separate shipping fee and other times as a part of the items price. 



When it comes to paid shipping, well here is the surprise- you can actually pay less when shipping is not free!!!

How come? you might ask, well (this is me answering)...

The taxes you pay, are calculated according to the item price. If you pay for the shipping separately this sum is not taxable! 

Combine shipping - on most online platforms such as Ebay and Amazon, the combined shipping discounts are automated. If you buy several items that all have shipping costs, you will pay significantly less for the shipping of all items together to the same address.

However, with free shipping, there is nothing to combine is there? the shipping cost is already calculated in the item price, and when you buy more than one item, you pay shipping for each item even though they will be shipped together.


******We at collecting trends offer paid shipping for most of our items, with a combined shipping discount. But, when you put in your cart items over 45$ - the shipping cost is on us!!! I mean, it is actually on us. 

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